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IMG 20200405 WA0059 Awadi Music 931 300x226 - Lyrics For Cold Waters Intro By PdotO
Yeah, welcome
Let me borrow your ears just, one last time

Message to my unborn, this is your papa bear
I did it all, I gave it all, I never lived in fear
My thoughts escape me
Music embrace me
I quit the *** cause it started to distract me
Same soldier, I stand for mine
I’m torn apart but I pretend I’m fine, ooh
Mere reflection in the mirror, kinda scare me now
I see a beast with a crown, but he alone at times
Put it into, spoken rhymes, so you can quote the line
These my thoughts and y’all know that I done, built in time
Y’all know that I’m an open book
Fly to the mountain, so you can, hope to look
Hope to look so fuck a flow nigga
I’m speaking to you
Listen close, this is a message for you
No fear, give ’em, hell in this, bitch
Whether it sell in the bizz
Stay true to yourself, no matter what this shit is
Your hear me?
I scrap with the best of them
Good Lord know, I’m not like the rest of them
Big canvas but my brush running out of paint
It’s not feeling the same but I got no one to blame, no one
Our words live forever
Our souls speak forever
My heart forever true, my mind defeat the clever
To the ends of the waters, I wash my spirit and gettin’ rid of these forces
We stand, we can’t stop, you can’t force us
We growing in the womb although they trying to abort us
Ooh, no more pain, these waters run dry
No more rain, let the sun fly
Cold waters
Yeah, cold waters

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