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Lyrics For Hot Freestyle By Just G



Lyrics For Hot Freestyle By

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ATM bitch
This shit is so jiggy I might just go buss’ me a free
Wanted a hit so I had to just call up on Tweezy
Mama told me that I’m gifted, her son is a king
And I’m the one that was chosen this shit meant to be
I need me a piece
Cause really these streets are a mess everybody wanna eat
Haha listen
My cup is in reach
Spit this with only a vest on cause this shit is heat
Thugger thugg what it is
YSL no I ain’t slime, but the boy he so slick,
Jumpin cat on the feet (Puma)
Wild with the flow, that should tell you the boy is a beast
Mna diz’ legqela umnoto, want me the coins & spend at the mall

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Seen how they get disappointed, cause we anointed, ye bano mona
Thina we really the voices of all the lokshin’s we gotta cause Iz’thunxa ezi they be false
Bring this shit back cause the DJ he gotta repeat
Lord my soul hope you keep
Nigga been blessed but the problems they never gonn cease
Guess that’s just what it is
MDA stay in the heart I do this for the skreets
From uTa Kaido ecar wash to you LAZ
The boy on his feet
And ima take care of mama I promise on me
Need me Lamborghini
And ima buy you a Benz cause that’s just been your dream
You took care of me
Without a nigga so ima be the man you need
Malume Anele
Look sekwanele
Bathi wena ulimenemene
Ngendlela uyiFinessa
Usenom fumana kwaJeff
Poppin that Hennessy
He got a whole lotta friends
In the hood he the man
And just like my uncle got hoes who be suckin for free
They be spendin on me
Ungand’ bona out eNahoon cause I fuck with the beach
I be wavey as shit

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