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Lyrics For Shody What’s Your Name By Joedy D



Lyrics For Shody What’s Your Name By

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Yow shody
I’m just a stranger here ona corner
Waiting for yall
I mean you are mine
Cause you shine like diamonds
You know what
You are the queen of my castle
My castle…castle


The way you’re gorgeous
Nobody will believe you were born by a person
But fish like a person
Feel your hair it’s so soft like a cotton
Look at your eyes shine bright like a diamond
When you open them is like when a flower bloom
Man I aint give a damn
I give a river
When I’m old enough I might give an ocean
I dreamt of you swimming in the river system
Yo kiss can make me cross the ocean
Love me love me cause I’m solemn
Not that I’m handsome
These niggaz coming here they think they are handsome
With the face so bungum
Money can’t buy love
But heart can buy love
Just imagine me and you happy chasing a white dove
Kiss me hot booty African
Kiss me hot booty African

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Shody what’s yo name
Tell me where you’re from
Can I take you out
Tell me who you are
Shody where you stay
Shody you are hot
Can I make you mine
Shody you are mine


This is the T T-boy sour like a chilly
Sound like a dog
Looks like a monster
I’m chillin with my nigga doing wild style
One time one time sametime
We are one yeah
Nigga kg is here
Same stream same street (yeah) x4
Yow shody I got plans on you (yow) x3
You can’t see me
But I can see you
Yow x3

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Life is not tramp
When you not on trap
But you got to clap and follow my step
Cause fun will never end
Boys will never end
Boys are like bees that is always in a flower
Tryna suck the sugar
Bees are made from a thing called sugar
Saying that I mean
Boys gonna suck yo red rose between yo legs til you have a nipper
I aint got money
If I had money
I was gonna take you and see the snow or maybe ricky’s show
Unfortunately babe girl I’m broke
But you gotta cope
Our love is like butterfly games in the world
Kiss me hot booty African
Kiss me hot booty if you can

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La la la la la laa X2
Yeah haha haha
I hope you happy now shody
Put that big smile like a banana up
Even if I’m broke
You gotta make me yours
Make me yours x2
Yeah x2
(Uhm) Like I’m young, black and rich
One last thing babe (shody)
Send my love to the sexy lady in yo mirror
Sexy lady in yo mirror x2

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