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Lyrics For Spilt Milk By Tellaman



Lyrics For Spilt Milk By

IMG 20200405 WA0059 Awadi Music 864 300x226 - Lyrics For Spilt Milk By Tellaman


Hey how you doing?
Uhmm I’m fine thanks. I’m sorry who’s this?
It’s Tella
Oh hey how are you?
I-I’m good
That’s good I see you’ve been working
I’m really happy for you things are finally coming together for you
Thank you, look I know I messed up uhm and I was wondering if it’s possible to see you you know like maybe have some lunch or something
Tella I don’t know if that’s possible at the moment I’m really really
Busy and besides we don’t want to go back to how things were it really was unhealthy
Come on am trying like I really am I just want to see you like talk for a bit please
Ok maybe I’ll see but I need to go now thank you

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