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Lyrics For The Box Lockdown Edition By

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Dinner with the whole damn squad
City on city on lock
Tell me is it litty or not
I was quarantined in the box
Came out clean on top
I got my team, that’s all I need
I never really had a lot of money on me
No plan B, just plan E
Everything, everything, everything please

verse 1
Rule number one, don’t lay by the rules
Rule number two, you’re to blame if you lose
Mpintshi uyang’cava, ngikhiph’ ilast number
Phela mina I don’t play games in the booth
Had to do the Rody Rich thing for the Holywood bling
Clean shave, baby face, so nobody would think
Kuthi lentwana yinkinga, I’m the only hood king
You could win bu the chances are slim
And you want a feature, at least five thou
A little bit of beef my feed my power
Sbal’ unomona, namanje unyuk’ iatchar
That’s how it smells when a man go sour
Sweety ngiyaak’tshela, buz’ umalums
I got the fliest young thing in my room
Never a clean sheet ntwana, laduma
Ntwana ya se lokshin, fede what’s good
Me I’m always good and ready
Wena just come and get me
Don’t trust a an who’s online
On Sunday night to tweet about Our Perfect Wedding
Those guys always act like medis
Always petty, you ain’t heard wrong I said it
Don’t forget it, flow is deadly
Buys the bread and pays the levies
Ungajari ntwana still
Gotta make money and give it back to the city
Like back to the city
I could never turn around and have my back to the city
Every track, every rap shows the magic within it
Passionate really, you can’t crush my opinion
I’m the match and you’re not half this litty
Ntwana I told y’all this is practice, really
You ain’t catch it, clearly
Sixteen dirty my hood
I’m afraid I might die young
I’mma change it for the good joe
That’s only if I’m alive
The whole damn world sick
But we know the wealthy always survive, yeah
touch lives
But these hands not even sanitised, yeah
Talk behind my back
Something you can only do when you behind me
To not see me as the greatest
Something you can only do when you are blind
Baby girl says that she missed me
But I told her that she really miss the signs
When niggas see me winning
They got the same look on their face
As when their card declines
I never know why
Maybe it’s the cold bars, maybe it’s the hot flows
Maybe I’m a painful reminder that they’re not though
Fame is a drug, fame is toxic
No gigs for the next few months
Maybe we can make this cash from boxing
Catch me if you can
Your girl hit me up like she wanna hang
Iigela zivaliwe so she don’t give a damn
She can pass a blunt but not an exam
They want love but at some point they all switch
Then they post statuses
Letting you know that you’re not the only nigga that hits
Isingisi, vernac, the boy stays fluent
I wanted to give you cats an album
Way before the president said we must do it
I hit up that promoter on some bring-my-money
Asoze ndi-stresswe nguwe
I judge you by the steps you take
Regardless of how much your shoe is



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