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IMG 20200405 WA0059 Awadi Music 862 300x226 - Lyrics For The Fall Out By Tellaman
: Hey
Girlfriend: Hey, how you?
: I’m good, how you doing?
Girlfriend: Tella, I’ve been thinking.
I think that we should take a break.
I don’t think this is working right now.
You always busy and I’m always busy. It’s just not working out
: You breaking up with me?
But babe, I’ve been trying. You know I’ve been trying
Girlfriend: When was the last time we went out to spend some time
Together? You always recording,
Or you always on your phone. You always in your zone
: But, but I…
Girlfreind: It’s okay. I understand.
And I’m not saying you should stop working.
Hopefully we’ll figure it out. Just take care of yourself, okay?
: Come on babe…
Telleman: Mo!
Mo: Yo
: Dawg, call the boys let’s go to the club
Mo: My man!

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