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Lyrics For Toast By Champagne69



Lyrics For Toast By

IMG 20200405 WA0059 Awadi Music 906 300x226 - Lyrics For Toast By Champagne69


You look good okay woah huh shocking
Your skin like butter won’t you put that on my body
Nottingham that’s the accents on your body
Excellent but your fit is looking naughty
Lonely Blade sharper than your HB huh
Jot down won’t you take those pointers huh
Au de parfum huh not no BO trust
Apa I cut woah fu-fuck it up
Okay shit I’m a tipsy tittle titty titty tuck
Okay shit grow my money kaiser kaiser beelzebub
Okay shit I go dummy I’m gon’ catch it licky tongue
Okay shit ichi kichi nigga you ain’ getting none
Yo what it do
Lil mama bring you and your crew
We hit up the south with the gang
Bring your friends and a plus two
Gang smashing to move huh
The truth imma just tell you these lies
To dance you out of the booth
I’m off of the Henry I’m trying get
I’m gonna last I’m off of the juice
I got picky bad bitches
With a piggy bank fettish
I’m packing that pack in the front
Of my sack imma bad bad man
With really bad bads
The range rove is a space ship
Out of here space trip
North side space whip
To tight face lift
Long ride hold tight
Imma go alright
They looking to go on the whole night

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